Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Cub Scouting Adventure #24

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Short show this week. Ti was unable to attend our den meeting so we talk about a few other things, like the new show and a some special news.

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Tip of the Week comes from John from Bonn, Germany. Visit the BSA website for The Language of Scouting.

Special Thanks to all of our friends that helped out on the show this week:
Cubmaster Chris from An Hour A Week? Cub Scout Podcast

Other Podcast Mentioned in the show:
Scout Roundtable
Melrose Scouting Productions Podcast

Cubmaster Minute:
As we think about gathering around the campfire, enjoying a good meal
together, and especially enjoying one another's company, let's not
forget those who do not have the same good fortune as we have. Is it
because they aren't as good as we are? NO! Is it because they don't
have the material wealth it takes to be in Scouting? Probably not. Or
is it maybe that they just don't know about the wonderful times
Scouting offers? Most probably. Maybe we need to reach out a hand and
invite them to join us. So as we leave tonight, let's commit ourselves
to remember the good times we have together and to go find someone
else and invite him to join us in the fun we have.

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