Sunday, April 01, 2007

A Cub Scouting Adventure #21

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Back with another podcast. Ti and I have been busy remodeling the basement so we haven't had a show out in a while. So here you go and we hope you enjoy it.

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Tip of the Week is Steve of Pack 3206 in Park View, Iowa and it is a great website called

Special Thanks to all of our friends that helped out on the show this week:
Cubmaster Chris from An Hour A Week? Cub Scout Podcast

Other Podcast Mentioned in the show:
Scout Roundtable
Podcacher Podcast

Cubmaster Minute:
We take our bodies and good health pretty much for granted when we are
well, strong, and feeling good. But when our health is not up to its
best, then we possibly have not done our best to take care of
ourselves by practicing good health habits and eating the proper
foods. Each one of us needs to be strong and healthy to be able to
contribute to our family, community and nation as strong citizens.

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