Thursday, January 04, 2007

Properly Displaying "Half-Staff" Flags

I recently ran across the following post on the Cub Scout Talk Yahoo group. Thought everyone would benifit from Jamie's info.

When President Reagan died I did some research to find out how to display our pack flag properly, since it is attached to a staff in a manner that does not allow for being displayed at "half-staff". What I found was the following - there is a tradition, not documented in the Flag Code, but noted in many other places, which allows for the display of black or purple ribbons on the flag pole, between the top of the flag and the finial.

If your unit wishes, you may want to follow this tradition during the mourning period for President Ford.

Jamie Dunn
Pack Trainer
P. 512
Blaine/Coon Rapids, MN
Cub Scout Training Chair
Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner
3 Rivers District

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