Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Cub Scouts adopt Marines in Iraq


Ten-year-old Sean Dowling has never met any of the members of the Marine Corps reconnaissance unit that his Cub Scout pack has adopted, and yet he said it felt as if he was writing to an old friend when he sat down last night to send them a letter.

"It was just a simple letter like how I'd write to my friend if they were in another country," he said. "I consider all the Marines friends because they help our country the most."

The Carmel Cub Scouts met last night in the basement of the Drew United Methodist Church to write letters to the Marines of Alpha Company, 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion, who are stationed in Fallujah, Iraq, west of Baghdad.

The boys also will send packages with hand warmers, scarves, snacks and Silly String to the Marines overseas. Marines use Silly String to check for tripwires before walking through a doorway, the Cubs learned last night.

Read more about this story at The Journal News.


Christine said...

Thank you so much for posting this article on your web site. The boys had so much fun that night and they really enjoyed writing letters to the Marines . I think it made them feel really important. My son Sean is new to scouting , but he loves it so much and he's really enthusiastic about everything . Today we had our first pinewood derby and it was so much fun. Thanks again - Sean's mom Christine Dowling

Mr. Bob said...

You are very welcome. It is great that you son is enjoying Cub Scouts. This is my and my son's first year also. This podcast is all about what we are learning. I hope you take a second and listen to the one of our shows.

Mr. Bob